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What is Inula Viscosa?

The Inula Viscosa is quite a magical plant. The products are suited for just about anybody, particularly diabetics, as they suffer from many skin issues that other people don’t need to worry about. A diabetic will usually suffer from wounds that get infected all too easily, and the aim of using Inula Viscosa in our skincare products is to heal the wounds much faster and prevent infection. But what exactly is the Inula Viscosa?
This plant has been highly regarded for thousands of years as one of the most effective medicinal plants in Israel, although it is not commonly heard of anywhere else. Many people outside of Israel have not heard of this plant, and so do not know the magical benefits it can offer for skin health and wound healing. This plant can also be called a False Yellowhead, and it is known to support and protect neighboring plants, as well as help animals to heal faster too.